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Section 2 - Prebbleton to Lincoln- An asphalt pathway that goes alongside Birchs Rd to the township of Lincoln.
Open- Yes
Detailed Information
This section of the Rail Trail, which opened in November 2006, starts at the Birchs Rd-Trices Rd intersection and is a 7 km off-road ashphalt pathway alongside Birchs Rd to the township of Lincoln. It runs alongside the original railway line through pleasant rural surroundings and is wide enough to enable cycling in both directions. 

Start - In Prebbleton join the Railtrail either in the township on Springs Road, where there is a cycleway marked on the road seal (see the black dotted line on the map), or from the start of the off-road section at the Birches Rd-Trices Rd intersection.

Hints and tips

  • Public Toilets at the Prebbleton Reserve (by the children's playground) and Lincoln.
  • Visit the Prebbleton Nature Park on Springs Road (light green rectangle).
  • For those driving to Prebbleton there is adequate parking along Birchs Road between Springs Road and Trices Road or alternatively at the Prebbleton Reserve (blue rectangle).

Alternative routes through Prebbleton 
An alternate route through Prebbleton is via the Prebbleton Reserve (see the green dotted lines). 

Option 1: From Springs Road turn left past the Prebbleton Hotel on to Tosswill Road. Turn into "The Oaks", second road on the right, and enter the Prebbleton Reserve via the sealed footpath/cycleway (about 50 m on the right). Exit the Reserve following the path to Stonebridge Way. At the end of Stonebridge turn right on to Trices Road and the off-road section to Lincoln starts at the intersection with Birchs Road.
Option 2: Park in the Prebbleton Reserve (blue rectangle) and use the sealed pathways to enter Stonebridge Way.

Prebbleton Village and Lincoln township are both significant, growing residential settlements in the Selwyn District. In both Prebbleton and Lincoln there are cafes, shops, parks and historic buildings. Lincoln also hosts a high school, university and significant employment at many research facilities.

Christchurch-Little River Railtrail Trust | PO Box 166 | Lincoln 7640 | New Zealand