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Section 1 - Christchurch (Hornby) to Prebbleton- An ashphalt that starts south of Hornby (Shands Rd) and goes to Prebbleton in the Selwyn District.
Open- Yes
Detailed Information

    This section of the Railtrail, opened in September 2009, starts about 400 m south of the Shands Rd-Halswell Junction Rd intersection on Shands Rd where a small car park is available.

    The section is sealed and follows Shands Rd to the intersection with Marshs Rd, crosses the road and follows the south side of Marshs Rd to the old railway corridor which takes users through to the village of Prebbleton in the Selwyn District.

    To connect to the next section of the Railtrail that goes to Lincoln, use the cycle lanes along Springs Rd through Prebbleton, turn left into Birches Rd and pick up the off-road trail just after the Trices Rd intersection. Alternative routes through Prebbleton are also described in the next section -
    Prebbleton to Lincoln.

    Map of section 1 of the Railtrail

    Hornby is a residential suburb of Christchurch City and an important commercial centre. In the long-term the Rail Trail will go right into Hornby. This will greatly enhance the opportunities for people to cycle between and beyond Christchurch City and the Selwyn District townships of Prebbleton and Lincoln.

    Christchurch Southern Motorway
    The cycle/walkway associated with the Christchurch Southern Motorway will connect to the Rail Trail when Stage 2 of the motorway is completed:

    There will be a picture of this here shortly.

    Currently the cycle/walkway alongside Stage 1 of the motorway brings users to the Halswell Junction Rd. There are two options for connecting on to the Rail Trail...


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